We like to open.
Our door, our state of mind, our work.


At piKs, being “open” has a real meaning.

Being open is our philosophy, our state of mind, our approach to design. We open the way to new ideas, to sharing talents and expertise, to the pleasure of creating and meeting others.

Push open our door, don’t hesitate to provoke exchanges with us, they will always be constructive.

Offer us challenges, we’re always ready to undertake them with you.

We like our work
because we have good support.


Since there are more ideas in 10 minds than there are in 3 and because each project requires a special approach, we've brought together the most compatible, competent team.

Each collaborator is as talented as the next because they're all experts in their particular field: ergonomists, sociologists, engineering consultants, architects, photographers, connector-editors or UX-UI designers.

Christine C.

Meticulous and passionate, Christine oversees graphic design and space-organizing projects with generosity and skill.

Pierrick T.

Co-founder & creative director
An expert in creativity & a champion of collaborative work, Pierrick is an expert in fusing ideas to find the best solution.

Sylvain T.

Co-founder & director
With a lively attitude and great dexterity, Sylvain works on developing the agency and also accompanies clients. Attentive to others, he adores animated discussions and meeting new people.

Jordan C.

Digital designer & modeler
A specialist in 3-D modeling, Jordan has a unique way to create virtual stories ... with real talent.

Marion P.

Chief executive director
With agility and a positive approach, Marion multiplies jobs to develop the La Fonction brand and introduce its many qualities to a demanding public.                                                                                                          

Romain B.

Graphic designer and webdesigner
As reflective as he is inventive, Romain collaborate with the piKs team as a graphic consultant for visual identity and signage projects.