Romain B.




When he talks about graphic creation, Romain uses as many mathematical formulas as he does aesthetic values. He likes to fine-tune flawless shapes, brand codes and graphic lines. Like a scholar of creation, he views web design and visual identity as a game of enigmas and continually seek the best solutions. This playful aspect of a business he adores pushes him to be both reflective … and inventive.


Monika Traikov

 Credit : Monika Traikov

OTHER people

Marion P.

Chief executive director
With agility and a positive approach, Marion multiplies jobs to develop the La Fonction brand and introduce its many qualities to a demanding public.                                                                                                          

Jordan C.

Digital designer & modeler
A specialist in 3-D modeling, Jordan has a unique way to create virtual stories ... with real talent.

Sylvain T.

Co-founder & director
With a lively attitude and great dexterity, Sylvain works on developing the agency and also accompanies clients. Attentive to others, he adores animated discussions and meeting new people.

Pierrick T.

Co-founder & creative director
An expert in creativity & a champion of collaborative work, Pierrick is an expert in fusing ideas to find the best solution.

Christine C.

Meticulous and passionate, Christine oversees graphic design and space-organizing projects with generosity and skill.